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Thank you for your interest in joining the LaunchHub Angels Network and becoming an active contributor to the Chinese Canadian investment community. The LaunchHub Angels Network creates an exchange platform for Chinese angel investors and start-ups worldwide, especially for cross-border investors in Canada and excellent cross-border entrepreneurial projects. With the support of LaunchHub Angels Network, we hope to encourage and promote angel investment education, exchange and understand the latest trends in angel investment activities, provide high-quality integrated relevant market business information, and use Chinese (language) throughout the process to build barrier-free investment channels for Chinese high-net-worth individuals. LaunchHub Angels Network members cooperate and communicate with each other to promote establishing a network of Angel Community members at the Canadian and global levels.

Why join LaunchHub Angels Network

The LaunchHub Angels Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an exceptional experience and service to all of our members. The Board of Directors establishes a management team of tax law, business law, information consulting and management support personnel to provide resources to help our members obtain and evaluate high-quality transaction resource streams, but investment decisions will be made by each member individually. We host several investor conferences and other investment events each year, and our members will have the opportunity to consider and invest in dozens of companies each year. Our members benefit from a diversified portfolio covering SaaS, Fintech, Medtech, IoT, Insurtech, Industrial Automation, Metaverse and more and Market Solutions.

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Membership Benefits

The LaunchHub Angels Network aims to provide the highest value to all members. Membership benefits include:

  • 1Full Chinese roadshow

  • 2Project due diligence report in Chinese, all resources are provided in Chinese

  • 3Explain the contract in Chinese before investing

  • 4Post-investment company information update

  • 5Free access to all monthly investor meetings

  • 6Access to confidential angel sites such as Dealum (involvement in transaction process, due diligence)

  • 7A full set of investment document templates for members

  • 8Participate in the investment in the LaunchHub Angels Fund project and obtain exclusive investment in emerging technology startups

  • 9The economic benefits of diversifying the portfolio with the opportunity for greater return on investment

  • 10Take equity in fast-growing startups and have the opportunity to sit on the board

  • 11Access to a strong and growing angel investment network of Chinese angel investors and seek possible co-investment opportunities

  • 12Get invitations to regular special meetings, investment seminars and angel investor training

  • 13Networking and communicating opportunities with other investors, corporates and family offices

  • 14Opportunity to invite other guests to join you in roadshows and special events

  • 15Members or their children are given priority to become volunteers of the Angel Foundation or have internship opportunities in the invested companies.